The Montenegrin Sports Academy (MSA) offers individual membership to researchers active in the field of sports science with the objective of creating an international multi-disciplinary network for scientific exchange and interaction. Being an MSA Member offers the opportunity to become part of this network and actively participate in the sport scientific exchange.

Members comprise scientists from all areas of sports science, such as adapted physical activity, biochemistry, biomechanics, chronic disease and exercise, coaching and performance, doping, education, engineering and technology, environmental physiology, ethics, exercise and health, exercise, lifestyle and fitness, gender in sports, growth and development, human performance and aging, management and sports law, molecular biology and genetics, motor control and learning, muscle mechanics and neuromuscular control, muscle metabolism and hemodynamics, nutrition and exercise, overtraining, physiology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports history, sports medicine, sports pedagogy, sports philosophy, sports psychology, sports sociology, training and testing.

Membership benefits

The MSA is offering a package of membership benefits helping to promote each member’s career in sports science as well as supporting its objective of promoting sports science across Montenegro and beyond:

  • Your MSA Membership ensures that you have easy access to the important legislative, administrative and related information that falls within the scope of sports science. All the information that you require to perform your practice on a professional level is made available to you by the MSA.
  • The MSA promotes sports science as a profession on your behalf.
  • The MSA is fully aware of the financial challenges that our practitioners face. To this end the MSA has made it a priority to negotiate beneficial partnerships and special promotional agreements with a range of appropriate suppliers.
  • Our primary aim is not only to save our MSA members’ money via the special discounted deals but also to provide value-added benefits to the MSA Membership as a whole.

If you are interested, please contact the MSA Office to find our more details.

MSA Membership categories

The MSA offers two different categories of membership:

MSA Student Member
Student members are undergraduate or graduate students in the field of sports science and all its subdisciplines. They shall be entitled to all the privileges of the MSA except that of holding an office.

The student fee only applies to full-time students.

Please note that we only accept international student IDs for the student registration.

Please send a copy of your international student ID to to prove your student status and request your membership.

To obtain your international student ID please visit

Membership Fee: € 50 per calendar year

Membership fee can be paid via the online credit card processor 2CheckOut.

MSA Full Member
The qualification for this type of membership is a university level degree in the field of sports science and all its subdisciplines.

The MSA membership is an annual membership valid for the calendar year.

The MSA membership is not automatically prolonged but will be cancelled at the end of each calendar year, if not otherwise indicated. Reminders including payment instructions will be sent to all MSA members near the end of each calendar year.

Membership Fee: € 100 per calendar year

Membership fee can be paid via the online credit card processor 2CheckOut.

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