Meet our new invited speaker, before winter holidays

Meet our new invited speaker, before winter holidays

Gregor Jurek, MD, PhD

SLOfit research team
Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana


Dr. Gregor Jurak is a Professor on Faculty of Sport at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Dr. Jurak is head of SLOfit research team, one of the most propulsive European teams using fitness monitoring for educational and health purposes. He is also head of an international FitBack network that supports development of systems for monitoring physical fitness of children and adolescents. Dr. Jurak is experienced researcher, expert and strategist in Sport and Physical education, especially on physical fitness and physical activity on children and adolescents. He is very devoting to implement research findings to the practice and policy-making. He is the member of few strategical professional bodies in Slovenia on the sport and education area, first author of national programme of sport and co-author of national PE curriculums. Dr. Jurak has well proven managerial competencies acquired on master study in School for Economics and Business at University of Ljubljana and experience as director of national sport foundation, vice-dean for finance and project manager. Currently, he is focusing on upgrading SLOfit – Slovenian physical fitness monitoring system.


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